Using Sales Materials and Presentations to Penetrate Your Market

We are excited to present a blog post written by a friend and colleague of Rees Marketing Resources, Robin Tamulynas, a highly skilled marketing professional with experience in diverse product marketing and communications.

To help sales representatives sell to a specific vertical/target market, creating marketing materials that talk directly to the market is invaluable. These materials include photographs, graphics, and terminology specific to the industry. This lets the customer know you understand their business and are able to provide the appropriate solution to their needs.

Presentations should include:

  • An overview of the market and its pain points.
  • Testimonials, application notes, and technical articles describing the market, your products, and how your products solve these pain points.
  • Sales quotations and pricing that includes what is needed to meet the demand of the market.

Very important and greatly appreciated by any sales representative is a description of the market with a view of the company within the market and an overview of the user and their position within the company. If possible, include a list of these companies, and their location and contact information. This gives a sales rep everything he or she needs to be successful in penetrating the market.

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