Tomorrow Begins Today

People are funny. Did you ever notice that when folks decide to start something — a diet, a new exercise regimen, something that’s not specifically structured — they generally begin that new adventure at the beginning of something else? Diets often start on Mondays. Sticking to a new budget tends to start at the beginning of the month. And all sorts of new things commence on New Year’s Day.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things this way. Most people like to have some sort of clean slate, and a new week or a New Year can bring that sense of tabula rasa. But the really remarkable thing about positive change is that it doesn’t have to wait. It can happen at any moment. Even right now.

Think about it: What if, after reading this sentence, you sat down and started writing that novel you’ve always had in the back of your mind? Instead of, “Yeah, I’ll write that someday,” or “I’ll get started on that in the fall,” what if you just did it? Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

That’s the thing — you can. You can do any or all of those things you’ve always wanted to do, and you can start anytime you feel like it. You could start your diet at noon. You could start your new business on Wednesday. Don’t let yourself be constrained by schedules or patterns, or even social mores. Do it now.

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