Tips on Putting Together an Effective Sales and Marketing Kit

sales and marketing kitWhen developing an effective sales and marketing kit, the key is to get into the heads of your clients and potential clients before getting into the fun of putting it together. For a marketing kit to make someone stop and know immediately how your company will fit into a project or how your company can relieve a pain point, you have to know who will be reading it. Does your company cater to a particular gender? Will your marketing kit reach only c-level executives or will it go to the sales or production team? Are there multiple audiences? Decide who your kit will target, develop a persona based off this, and speak directly to that persona as you develop your sales and marketing kit.

Once you’ve determined who the target audience is for your marketing kit, think about their biggest problems and how your company can solve them. A good marketing kit should talk about your customer. Try to reduce the number of times you use the words “I” or “we” in your marketing kit, and increase the number of times you use the word “you.” The language in your marketing kit should be clear, concise, and use lots of action words.

Once you’ve determined your audience and your content, it’s time to contact a sales and marketing kit specialist to discuss your ideas about the look and feel and other requirements. If you needs some other ideas about what to include in your kit, check out our post: “Creating an Effective Custom Sales and Marketing Kit to Meet the Evolving Needs of Your Business.” And, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Rees Marketing Resources.

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