The Right and Wrong Times to Provide Positive Feedback

Freakonomics came onto the scene a few years ago as a very popular book. Since then, the authors made a film and started a website, and began to publish a blog, and broadcast a popular podcast all dedicated to discovering the hidden side of everything. Recently, they released a podcast on negative versus positive feedback, titled “When Is a Negative a Positive?”

This podcast relates to blog posts we’ve done recently about turning negative experiences into positive ones, but also sheds light on when positive feedback is important. According to recent research, people who are new to an industry or a project need lots of positive feedback. This reinforces that they enjoy what they’re doing and helps foster a greater commitment to their company, industry, or project. However, as their expertise grows, positive feedback begins to have less of an impact because they tend to tune it out. Slowly, negative feedback becomes more important to helping that individual improve.

The podcast is entertaining and definitely worth a listen if you haven’t heard it yet. And the information in it can go a long way toward helping people interact in the workplace in a way that motivates everyone move forward as a team.

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