The Reasons You Need a Marketing Kit

As the owner of a successful business, your selling skills are probably top notch. You likely can speak about your business comfortably and with great passion when in a room full of potential customers. However, what if your customer’s mind is wandering on your meeting day to an upcoming vacation or weekend plans? Or what if your customer simply doesn’t absorb information well through conversation? Sure, you can create and print off a quick list of bullet points to leave behind, but will you end up retyping that list every time you see a different customer with different needs? Instead, having a branded and creative marketing kit on hand is a wonderful way to supplement your sales strategy.

The great thing about developing a marketing kit is that it forces you to really think about the different types of customers you have, their individual needs, and how you can fulfill those needs. You can create different marketing sheets for each type of customer and slip the proper one into your kit depending on your meeting attendees. Marketing kits are endlessly customizable. Once you have a solid frame and basic language for the kit, you can mix and match marketing sheets, add new ones as you develop new products, or add client testimonials as they roll in.

Designing the language for a marketing kit also forces you to think about your own business. It makes you focus on what truly makes your company unique, what your processes are, and what results your clients can expect. This exercise not only gives you an interesting marketing kit, but will help you speak about your company with greater focus.

A marketing kit helps you deliver a consistent marketing message to all of your customers and potential customers. This is especially important if you have a sales team of people who bring their own personalities into conversations about your company. No matter what pieces of your marketing kit you choose to give customers and potential customers, if it all comes from the same source, it will have the same tone and look.

If you are considering building a marketing kit for your business, contact us today! We’ll help you think about what your customers need, what you do best, and where those needs and talents intersect. And thanks to Fiona Friesen for the inspiration for this article!

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