The Importance of Your Logo for Brand Identity and Sales and Marketing Packaging

At Rees Marketing Resources, we can create any type of packaging you can imagine. Any combination of color, material, and design can make your packaging unique, but if you’ve got a weak logo, all that work can be for naught. It’s really the first key to successful sales and marketing kits. It’s a visual representation of what your company represents. Your logo the first impression of your brand identity; it conveys the qualities and thoughts of the business to your customers.

Did you know that the first logo to be trademarked was the red triangle design for Bass Ale in 1876? Since then, thousands upon thousands of logos have been trademarked – some great, some memorable, and some entirely forgettable.

Your logo should represent your brand. A good logo, even without the company’s name, immediately evokes the company and what it sells – Apple’s apple design, for example, or the Nike swoosh – they evoke certain emotions in people. A weak logo can make your company appear small, limited, or worst of all, uncreative.

If you’re struggling with a company logo, feel free to contact us, we can help put you in touch with partners who can help. We can help you integrate a logo into some creative sales and marketing packaging that will make your customers sit up and take notice!

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