Sources of Inspiration

I recently read an article that sparked something in me. It’s about a man who took photographs of ordinary people doing ordinary things that somehow surprised or moved him. He posted all of those photos on his fridge as a little collage of inspiration.

He knew nothing about the people he photographed and one of his most striking realizations was that if he had, he might not have found them so inspiring. He recognized that inspiration is often more about the viewer than the subject of inspiration. People see what they want to see and tend to project their desires onto others to find inspiration.

He challenged readers to seek in others elements that they’d like to see in themselves and somehow make a collection of inspirational moments that motivate them to change their behavior just a little and perhaps passionately try to become more of the person they’d like to be.

I couldn’t help but think of this concept in terms of packaging. I understand the universally appealing elements of design, like colors that blend well and text that is well-written and easy to read. My customers know their audience and know how to inspire them. I find collaborating with my clients and exploring their knowledge about their customers inspiring. And it’s thrilling to turn those conversations into a well-thought-out packaging concept designed to inspire others.  

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