Packaging Your Story

“The idea that business is strictly a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job with feelings. And I’m convinced that it is feelings – and feelings alone – that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.”

Richard Branson, Virgin

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep – a fundamental appreciation of mythology. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.”

Scott Bedbury, Nike, Starbucks

Great brands evoke something fundamental in their customers. Like the two quotes above demonstrate, great branding is often emotional and can be somewhat mysterious. Brand and marketing leaders know they need to figure out how to tap into their customers’ needs and desires. Your brand story needs to be reflected in all of your sales and marketing products. They tell the world what you and your brand are about while speaking directly to what your customers want or need.

As we mentioned in our last post, it’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a product by its sales and marketing packaging. Of course your product/services and the contents of your sales and marketing materials are important, but it’s the sales and marketing materials that make the first impressions that your customers or potential customers will interact with. You want something that provokes them to open your sales presentation kit or marketing kit – to keep them wanting to learn more.

Do your sales and marketing packaging products entice your customers to dig deeper?

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