Logo Considerations in Packaging

Let’s say you’ve started a brand-new online business. You’re going to be selling and shipping your own brand of mints — Blueprint Mints — and you want your packaging to be eye-catching and instantly recognizable.

Your logo has the company name spelled out in the style of a blueprint. To further drive home the point, you want the packaging that the product ships in to be blue as well. You turn to a packaging design company to get some really unique blue boxes. So now your logo looks great, your boxes look great, and you’re ready to start letting the orders pour in.

There’s just one problem — when you get the sample box, your blue logo on the blue box looks terrible.

One of the biggest missteps when it comes to packaging is failure to look at the complete picture — logo, font, color, and material. Everything has to be complementary. The font has to work with the logo. The logo color has to work with the material. And the material has to be the canvas upon which it’s all painted. One wrong element and the entire thing falls apart.

That’s why you start with Rees instead of some other company that just slaps your logo on and calls it a day. We’re here to help. With more than 25 years in the business, Rees knows what works. We can help you not only with the individual elements of your packaging, but the final product decisions as well. We’re here to make sure you look good. Contact us today!

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