Learn and Practice One New Skill Every Day

“The five steps in teaching an employee new skills are preparation, explanation, showing, observation, and supervision.” ~Bruce Barton


In this week’s installment of 30 30-Day Challenges You Can Start Now to Motivate Your Work and Life, inspired by Marc and Angel, our challenge is to Learn and practice one new skill every day!

When was the last time you learned something new? Not just a random fact that you stumbled across online, but something that took some time, some effort, and some commitment? If you can’t remember the last time, then maybe it’s time. It doesn’t have to be something major — you don’t have to learn how to juggle chainsaws, unless you really want to — but learning a new skill can be a truly enriching, and sometimes life-changing, experience.

A lot of people start with something small, which makes it easier to work your way up to bigger things. But the key is to do so every day, so that after 30 days you have 30 new skills you didn’t have before. Imagine it — 30 new skills!

Stuck for ideas on what skill to learn first? How about how to perform the Heimlich maneuver? Or maybe learning to drive a stick shift? Or perhaps good ways to deliver bad news?

Start today, and in no time you’ll find yourself a jack of all trades.

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