Is There Packaging Online?

One only needs to look around at the empty storefronts of once-mighty brick-and-mortar retailers to know that online sales are the wave of the future. Wave of the present, for that matter. With this trend firmly established and generating hundreds of millions of dollars, how can packaging evolve to capture the eyes and wallets of consumers the way shelf-dwelling packaging once did?

It’s a brave new world. Marketers need to rethink their packaging strategies for this unique type of distribution channel. Changes are required that will ensure brands remain relevant as part of the pre-, during, and post-purchase cycles.

Design Lounge has put together a white paper on the subject, “Packaging in an Online World,” which presents recent quantitative research findings regarding online packaging. It also shares insights on consumer online shopping behaviors, and the role packaging needs to play to provide marketers and brands with a sustainable advantage, namely:

  • Why should marketers care about online?
  • What are the branding requirements for online shoppers?
  • What role does packaging fill as part of the online selection process?

As we discussed in our last blog post, “Great Tips for Winning Repeat Customers with Your Product Packaging,” each time you ship a product to a customer, you have an opportunity to engage your customers and win repeat business just by adding that little extra oomph to your packaging. And you want to make a great first impression no matter where your customers are coming from. If you want to create an “opening” experience for your customers and stand out, contact Rees Marketing Resources.

To download this white paper, which answers these and other questions, click here.

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