Is Something Funny? Can Office Humor Help You Succeed at Work?

Does office humor make you nervous? Are you concerned about offending someone at the water cooler? Or letting your best one-liner fly only to have it fall flat? According to a recent Forbes article, “Are Funny People More Successful in Business?” that’s an old school way of thinking.

The article says that as long as your humor isn’t racist, sexist, or insulting, it can do a lot for office productivity and your personal success in business. During a stressful workday, a well-placed joke can give everyone a little perspective. Humor can also make connections between people and build relationships. All of these things are important in both an office setting and from a sales perspective.

Laughter causes dopamine to course through our systems, which can increase productivity levels, promote engagement, and heighten creativity. In design, there’s nothing more important than creativity. Talking with clients, getting them to articulate their passion for their company, and turning that into unique packaging is what we at Rees Marketing love best about our jobs. So if your company’s packaging needs a little life breathed into it, contact us.

We’ll have a few laughs together and get the creativity flowing.

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