Exercise for 30 Minutes Every Day

rees“No body is worth more than your body”

― Melody Carstairs

In this week’s installment of 30 30-Day Challenges You Can Start Now to Motivate Your Work and Life, inspired by Marc and Angel, our challenge to you is to exercise for 30 minutes every day.

What perfect timing! How many of you have made resolutions to get healthier in 2014? Fad diets or promising yourself two hours of hard exercise in the gym each day tends to be unsustainable. That’s the problem with resolutions — we overpromise and then after one skipped day of exercise, diet, or whatever, we quit. Small changes that lead to big differences are a much better way of taking on new year’s resolutions.

Thirty minutes a day isn’t much, and even the busiest person should be able to accept this challenge. Take a 30-minute walk after dinner with your family or on your lunch break with your favorite co-worker. Does even that sound like too much? No problem! No one is saying they have to be 30 consecutive minutes. Stretch for 10 minutes in the morning, take the long way between cubicles at work, and plan a 10-minute dance party the your kids at night. Thirty minutes? Done! And you hardly noticed.

Make 2014 the year you get healthy. Get moving for 30 minutes a day and add years of good health to your life!

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