The Employee-Centric Company

Never show weakness. There’s always someone younger and hungrier nipping at your heels. Keep your work life at work and your home life at home.

A lot of people have stories about trying desperately to maintain their efficient, calm, brilliant office personas while their personal lives crumble around them. Fear of a displeased boss, a let-down team, or an angry client can keep people racing to keep up while their insides churn because they’re being pulled in too many different directions.

This common scenario is a recipe for disaster because when that facade begins to crack, everyone suffers. An alternative, outlined in a Huffington Post article titled “Building a Community That Takes Care of its People” is the employee-centric company. An employee-centric company understands that gaining clients and increasing profits is primary, but that employees must be happy at work and love their company in order to support it.

An employee-centric company offers things like good health insurance plans, wellness programs, on-the-job safety, flex time, and employee development programs. Some companies, like the ones discussed in this article, take that philosophy one step farther. These companies encourage employees to share with their bosses and team members when they’re dealing with a major life challenge so that duties can be spread around in a way that allows the struggling employee to take care of his personal struggle while working to his capacity.

Letting colleagues in on a personal struggle takes a lot of faith and trust that team members won’t use others’ struggles for their gain. But if a manager works to create a culture of trust — a family without that weird passive-aggressive aunt — the company and its employees can thrive.

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