Custom Sales and Marketing Kits in the Tradeshow Press Room

At just about every tradeshow, you can expect the press room to look the same. There will be coffee and pastries, a computer or two, and racks and racks of press kits. Journalists peruse the press kits, looking for a few in particular, picking up the ones from companies that seem the most interesting, and sometimes grabbing the most eye-catching kits. There are a few local journalists at every trade show, but many of them are from out of town, either bloggers who follow the industry or journalists from trade publications that don’t have a local desk. So after a visit to the press room and a walk around the tradeshow floor, it’s off to the hotel.

Depending on the journalist’s publication schedule, he’s either writing stories from his hotel room or carefully packing information to bring back home with him. If he’s carrying information home on an airplane, space is valuable, so he’ll likely just pull a press release and a business card from your press kit, and leave the rest behind for housekeeping to deal with.

Unless …

There are some press kits a journalist picks up that are so unique he can’t just leave them on the hotel room floor. These he brings home with him. Maybe the information is packaged in a portfolio he can use again or contains an interesting item he’d like for his desk. This is the category you want to be in. If your press kit is unique enough to make it into a journalist’s suitcase in its entirety, you’ll likely stay on his mind. Your story might appear in his publication or you might get a phone call when he needs a quote from an industry expert.

Tradeshow season is quickly drawing to a close, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how your press kits can stand out in the press room next year. Contact Rees Marketing today for help designing a creative and innovative kit that you can use at your next trade show. Journalists will love you for it.

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