Creating an Effective Custom Sales and Marketing Kit to Meet the Evolving Needs of Your Business

The main function of custom sales and marketing kits are to educate your clients about your business and what makes your products or services different from those of the competition. Creating a basic, effective sales and marketing kit can help you to tell your company’s story and illustrate the benefits of your products and services for your potential customers. A sales and marketing kit shouldn’t be something that is done once, printed, passed out a few times, and left to collect dust in the closet. It should really be an ongoing project, something that is updated regularly to reflect your evolving company, your changing products and services, and the needs of your potential customers.

A custom sales and marketing kit should be a shell that can be customized by swapping out print materials for your varying needs and specific audiences, including potential customers, press, and/or partners. It can provide you with the flexibility to create a living, breathing kit that you can update regularly with your unique sales and marketing materials to help you stand out!

Here are some basic elements of an effective sales and marketing kit:

Portfolios and Press Kit Pocket Folders that Make Your Customers Want More: You want something that through graphics, colors, and design tells your company’s story and lets people know that you mean business. Your logo should be placed prominently, and the design should provide you with the space necessary for all of your additional materials. You want to have a leave-behind that helps you stay top-of-mind for your potential customers and allows you to continue your conversation long after your meeting or conversation is finished.

Main Marketing Collateral Page that Keeps Them Digging: This piece should be a professionally printed one-pager that has all of your basic information and main messages, including a punchy company description, differentiating features, enticing product and service descriptions, contact information, and calls to action. It should be more static than the additional pages in your kit. You want a consistent look and feel across all of your materials, which include your logo, graphics, and colors. This is the base piece and should be the first piece someone sees when they open your kit, helping to keep them flipping through the pages.

Additional Marketing Materials that Give Your Customers More: These pieces can provide more detailed information about your products and services and be more timely, evolving with your company, products and services, and customers. You will likely swap these pieces out relatively frequently. Some great pieces to include could be, but are not limited to:

  • Press releases
  • Articles or blog posts from your company
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Descriptions of how your company does business
  • A deeper history of your company

Whether for a sales or trade show presentation or a customer leave-behind, it’s your sales and marketing materials that make the first impressions as your customers or potential customers interact with them. You want something that provokes them to open your sales presentation kit or marketing kit – to keep them wanting to learn more.

Do your sales and marketing packaging products entice your customers to dig deeper? If not, contact Rees Marketing Resources to help you create a custom sales and marketing kit that stands out.

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