Case Study: Retail Trade Show Floor Displays for Rolf C Hagen USA Corp

The Project

Hagen came to Rees Marketing Resources looking for a way to gain optimum value from the use of their temporary point-of-purchase (POP) displays. They needed displays that could be used to show various products from their cat and dog product line, and could also be used as crossover in the company’s other brands for bird, pond, and reptile.

The Solution

Rees Marketing Resources designed a large floor display for cat and dog beds. The display was assembled and packed, then shipped for display at the stores.

Rees also designed a dump bin, which was a perfect solution for dog and cat holiday toys and could be used for future programs with different toy selections throughout the year. This was packaged as a set with simple instructions for assembly.

The Outcome

The floor display and dump bin were a hit with Hagen, and allowed them to gain exposure for multiple products across various pet lines, and re-use the displays as seasons dictated. Best of all, Hagen can easily re-order the POP displays as the need arises.

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