30 30-Day Challenges You Can Start Now to Motivate Your Work and Life

30-day challenge“Scientists have suggested that, with a little willpower, it takes roughly 30 days for a person to form a new habit. As with mastering anything new, the act of starting and getting beyond the preliminary stage where everything feels awkward is 80% of the battle. This is precisely why it’s important to make small, positive changes every day over the course of at least a 30 day period. . . . The simple act of getting started and doing something will give you the momentum you need, and soon you’ll find yourself in a positive spiral of changes – one building on the other.” (MarcandAngel.com)

We’re halfway through the year, and how many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you actually accomplished? Some statistics say that between 80% and 90% of New Year’s resolutions end in failure. Not too encouraging. A few weeks ago, in our blog post, “Tomorrow Begins Today,” we talked about not waiting for New Year’s or some other specific time in the future to make changes, but that making small, positive changes in your life or work is something that can be started at any time; the really remarkable thing about positive change is that it doesn’t have to wait. It can happen at any moment. Even right now.

A recent blog post on the site Marc and Angel, “30 Challenges for 30 Days of Growth,” provides some great suggestions for ways to start making positive changes in your life.

It’s an interesting and inspiring idea. Especially when you are working alone, it can often be helpful to have outside source to help get you motivated. When we read these 30-day challenges, it really makes us want to get moving! As a challenge, each week, we are going to more closely examine some of the suggestions put forth on Marc and Angel and see where it takes us, hopefully motivating us to make even more incremental, positive changes in work and life. And we’d love to hear about other suggestions from you!

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