Enterprise Software Provider Takes a Suite Approach to Prospecting and Thank Yous

February 20th, 2014

Read the restChallenge: Make prospecting and thank you easy to do and an integral part of the sales and service program.
Solution: An enterprise software provider chose a tailored look for a

The Reasons You Need a Marketing Kit

October 30th, 2012

As the owner of a successful business, your selling skills are probably top notch. You likely can speak about your business comfortably and with great passion when in a room… Read the rest

Tips on Putting Together an Effective Sales and Marketing Kit

September 20th, 2012

When developing an effective sales and marketing kit, the key is to get into the heads of your clients and potential clients before getting into the fun of putting it together. For a marketing kit to make someone stop and know immediately how your company will fit into a project or how your company can relieve a pain point, you have to know who will be reading it.

Packaging Your Story

September 13th, 2011

“The idea that business is strictly a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done… Read the rest