Wishing You Continued Success in 2015!

ReesOfficeThe last couple of weeks of each year tend to fly by. There’s the flurry of activity leading up to the holidays, then the holidays happen with excitement, parties and tinsel that static-clings to everything. We barely get the wrapping paper out to the curb before we’re left standing in the bright light of a new year, wondering how we got there so quickly. And, then we’re at the end of January!

2014 was year five of my business. Taking this opportunity to take some time to reflect on the past years and wanted to send a personal message in this first newsletter of 2015.

Many of us have experienced changes during this time. For me it’s been an interesting, educational, and rewarding journey. It’s been a time of unexpected opportunities and a few unexpected calamities. Now at the start of this year, I’m looking forward to what it may bring.

During these five years, I have been so very fortunate to have the strong support of my business from clients and partners, as well as in my personal life from family and friends. And, I’m excited to announce the new headquarters of Rees Marketing Resources in Woburn, MA. Please get in touch if you’re in the area and would like to connect!

To my clients, your support when I started my business and through these years is much appreciated. Thank you! I have greatly enjoyed working with you.

To my partners, you have truly lived up to that title! You are a strong team which I am very happy to be part of.

Wishing all of us a successful and fulfilling year ahead. I welcome the opportunity to create and collaborate with you throughout the year!

Rees Marketing Resources is your one-stop provider of creative, innovative custom sales and marketing product packaging. From concept to production, Rees will work with you to create high-impact sales and marketing solutions. Rees Marketing Resources is located outside of Boston, but we work with companies all over the country. Contact us if you want your sales and marketing packaging to stand out!