Three Tips: The Power of the First Impression


There is nothing as important as a first impression. First impressions are generally formed within just a few moments – it’s human nature. Think about it – in an instant a person forms an opinion about you based on the way you look, the way you carry yourself, whether or not you smile or make eye contact. The same goes for your business – whether at a networking event, tradeshow, a sales or marketing presentation, or online, first impressions are formed almost instantly.

Here are three tips to help make your first impressions be lasting ones.

  • Maintain strong, positive physical mannerisms – Be sure to make eye contact with people you meet, shake hands like you mean it, and by all means smile – it always goes a long way.
  • Brush up on your networking skills – Building up your networks is key to growth in any business. Take the time to brush up on your networking skills. Show a genuine interest in the interests of others. Ask questions rather than talking about yourself or your business all the time. Be a connector and introduce people who might not know each other and be beneficial to one another. Make sure that you give as much as you take.
  • Polish your presence – Make sure that your physical and online marketing materials are ship shape. These are often the things that people see first, including your website, business cards, and sales and marketing materials.

Oftentimes, making a good first impression in business is an art – it’s a fine balance between being able to listen to the needs of your prospects while marketing your solutions. In addition to the human elements of first impressions, you want to make sure that you have polished sales and marketing materials that effectively represent what your business can provide to fill the needs of your potential clients in order to truly make a positive first impression.

How will your sales and marketing materials stand up to your next potential client’s first impression?

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