Standing Apart from the Competition

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine titled “No Matter What You’re Selling, This Strategy Should Do the Trick” discusses some basic methods to use to connect with potential buyers. The strategies are important in all human interaction, but can sometimes fall by the wayside if you’re focusing too much on closing a deal. The author suggests eye contact, a genuine smile, and good listening skills as key to a good sales strategy.

These tricks are all about making your potential customers feel important and see more than just dollar signs in your eyes when you look at them. If someone is going to buy your product or service, they have to know that you truly hear and understand their pain points and have the ability to help them. A struggling middle manager may not want to complain to his boss about his problems, but he’ll complain to you. And if you can fix things, you have a customer for life.

Marketing materials have a role to play in this method of sales. Instead of having static marketing materials that tell your potential customers you’re a one-size-fits-all company or overwhelms them with information they don’t need, customize your materials for each potential client.

Marketing folders with pockets for only the sales sheets that apply to the customer you’re meeting is important. Slots for CDs with only the information they need to hear shows them you’re not interested in wasting their time. If you have a fully customizable marketing kit and spend a few minutes before a meeting thoughtfully filling it with information you know you’ll discuss or that will help your potential customer, you’ll have much more successful interactions. You’ll make your customers and potential customers feel heard and important.

And that’s all any of us really want.

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