Help Your Customers. It’s Good for Business!

HelpCustomers!Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Hopefully, you’ll take a few well-deserved days off and use the time to look around you, take stock of your blessings, and allow gratitude to fill you. A sense of gratitude often spurs people on to share their blessings and give back where they can.

Are you grateful for your business and all that it allows you to do? Then maybe it’s time to give back to those who helped make it all possible — your customers. Think about why you started your business in the first place. It was probably because you had an idea that could help people. But as a company grows, focus often shifts to the bottom line and necessarily so. But make sure you don’t forget about what makes your business possible — your customers.

There are some easy ways to keep focus on helping people as part of your day. Before you get out of bed in the morning, or before you turn on your computer at the office, close your eyes and spend 10 minutes thinking about how your business can help others. Be specific. Picture someone walking into your office with a particular problem and envision exactly how you will help her.

What does success in business mean to you? Monetary gain? A comfortable retirement? A lasting legacy? Impacting your community? If this last goal is one of yours, then think about how your business can serve others. Set annual, quarterly, and daily goals to serve others in some way. Make sure these goals are easily achievable so that you’ll confidently do more each day. Reminding yourself of what’s important in your business can help you focus your efforts, achieve better results, and probably improve your business overall.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break, and come back from it renewed and ready to give back to your customers!

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