Get Rid of One Thing a Day

“If you want to get rid of stuff, you can always do a good spring-cleaning. Or you can do what I do. Move.” ~Ellen DeGeneres


In this week’s installment of 30 30-Day Challenges You Can Start Now to Motivate Your Work and Life, inspired by Marc and Angel, our challenge to you is to get rid of that clutter, one thing at a time!


Who doesn’t have a room, a garage, an attic, a basement, or even an entire house full of stuff that they’d like to get rid of? The trouble is, most people put off their spring cleaning until the fall, then the fall cleaning until the winter, until years have gone by and even more stuff has accumulated. Even if you’re not consciously aware of all the clutter around you, it’s probably because you’ve gotten so used to it that you don’t even see it any more.


Try this challenge with just one bit of clutter. Choose one item that you’d planned to get rid of all along and eliminate it. You’ll likely feel pangs about it — whatever it is has been part of the landscape for so long, after all — but force yourself to commit. Once that’s done, get rid of something the next day and the next. You should find it easier and easier. Not only that, if you donate the items, you’ll feel good about recycling, and you’ll have a much bigger and cleaner space in which to live and work.


Just don’t take that as a cue to fill it with more stuff!


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