Don’t Underestimate Lack of Color in Your Packaging

cd-dvd-case-01A lot of companies believe that in order to stand out from the crowd, they need their packaging to have the brightest colors, the boldest prints, and the most eye-catching patterns. While it’s true that color can definitely have an impact, sometimes less is more, and a complete lack of color can pack the biggest punch.

Take Apple, for example. Most of their packaging is stark white with occasional shades of gray, and it’s quite possibly the most easily recognized packaging out there. Amazon uses a simple black version of their logo on a cardboard background, and everyone knows when they’ve got a package from them.

This doesn’t mean that you should shy away from color entirely — it’s hard to imagine Target without the red bullseye, or Pepsi without the red, white, and blue circle — but often a simple, streamlined design, or a variation of your design, can really make your company stand out.

Whether you opt for stylish black or exuberant orange, many small business owners choose the color of their logo based on personal preference or gut instinct, but according to experts, the shade you choose conveys subtle messages about your company to customers.

If you’d like to try some monochromatic variations on your color packaging, contact Rees today!

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