Printing Services


Let’s say you are designing a new product launch that will go to several thousand prospects, requiring a multifaceted package that includes a dimensional box, an insert to hold the product, pocket folders to hold brochures, white papers, and personalized letter, and also needs to be assembled and mailed. Printing services needed for a job like this might be screen, offset, digital, and web.

Or maybe you need a pitch kit for your sales force of 500 to include a variety of components that will get customers’ attention. Your best bet might be a tote box with handle, brochures, and sell sheets; a table top platform flipchart; and posters. All of these would be digitally printed.

Rees Marketing Resources offers a variety of printing options to meet your specific marketing program requirements, including screen printing, digital printing, web printing, and offset printing. Printing project services can include proofs, prototypes, design, estimating, and direct mail, as required. We can handle the entire process from concept to fulfillment. Learn more about the different types of printing services we provide and how they can make your next marketing program as pain free as possible. Our associated services include:

A proof will give you one last chance to ensure that everything is correct before your file, whether it’s a flyer, brochure, or direct mail piece, is sent to the presses. We can provide both digital proofs (PDFs) and hard copy proofs. We will not start production until you are satisfied that your product will print correctly and you are able to sign-off on the proof.

Similar to a proof for an art file, a prototype or dummy will allow you to make sure that your packaging, whether it’s a tote box, portfolio, binder, or display, is structurally correct and functions correctly before we start production.

We work with a number of partners who can provide you with all necessary design services to make your project stand out, including talented graphic designers, web designers, and structural engineers. We choose the design partner on a case-by-case basis, depending on the requirements of each project.


For most products, you will receive a formal quote with specifications and other details, usually within 24 hours. Depending on the complexity of the project, estimates for more customized products or programs with multiple components may take longer. Occasionally, we create a prototype before getting an estimate for a three-dimensional product to ensure it represents what you have requested and that the product will function as expected.

Direct Mail

We can create a direct mail campaign to a mass audience or for a highly segmented group of prospects from your database. Don’t have access to a database? We work with list service partners who can help connect you with the prospects you want to reach according to your demographics.

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