Teledyne Leeman Labs Binder & Slipcase


Teledyne Leeman Labs is a company that produces world-class instruments for elemental analysis for atomic spectroscopy. Their audiences include engineers and scientists at labs around the world. During the process of launching a new product to analyze water for copper and silver, they contacted Rees to develop a sales and marketing solution to effectively present this product information and that could be left behind with prospects.

When we were first engaged, the client wanted only one sales presentation binder. We felt that the binder and slipcase option would best present their sales materials. Once we presented this option to them, they were on board.

Their new lab product is a relatively large investment for prospective customers. They wanted a very professional, high-end look for the sales packaging to depict the sophistication of the equipment. We chose metallic materials to represent the silver and copper testing capabilities of the product. The final packaging was a sleek binder and slipcase that is sure to capture the attention of their prospects.

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