Sales Presentation Binders, Custom Sales Presentation Binders

Project Details

When the first of a new line of products was introduced, Teledyne Leeman Labs’ Marketing Communications department wanted to pre-launch the new product to its international distributors.

The best solution was a custom binder that included all the product information needed by the international distributors to familiarize them with the product and give them the tools they needed to sell the product in their respective countries.

Included in the binder was a CD that contained all of the printed material in the binder so that the distributors could print material in their own languages.

Rees Marketing Resources guides you from inception to fulfillment. Custom Sales Presentation Binders ,Presentaion Binders , Information and communications guides and pamphlets

Rees Marketing Resources guides you from inception to fulfillment in development and production of Custom Sales Presentation Binders and Presentation Binders. Rees Marketing Resources has worked closely with marketing communications departments, advertising agencies, human resources departments, medical devices companies and other customers to provide custom binders for their individual programs. Custom sales binders and marketing binders will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.