Busyness and Other Overrated Values

Busyness and Other Overrated Values_2Hi! How are you? Me? I’ve been busy. Busy, busy, busy. Ugh — so busy. I haven’t slept in days!

Sound familiar? This is a pretty common exchange and evidence of one of the many things we get wrong in life. What is busy? Running around, jumping from task to task, feeling stressed out. We often tell people we’re busy because it makes us feel important. But being busy isn’t a true indicator of success. Being productive is.

In a recent article on Entrepreneur.com titled “Common Beliefs We Get Wrong,” author James Clear discusses how we’ve flipped many values on their head and need to get them right-side up again. Instead of busy-ness, value productivity. Instead of winning, value improving. Instead of leading well, value being a good team member.

As a society, we value the leader with unrestricted freedom who’s on the top of his or her game and rarely wrong. But written out like that, it sounds like a pretty scary place to be. Unrestricted freedom can be paralyzing, but carefully constructed constraints can allow for creativity. Wanting to be right all the time doesn’t allow you to take risk and possibly fail or collaborate with others and risk having an idea fall flat.

His article is worth a read. Not only does it discuss business values that can be flipped around, but values that contribute to your everyday life. Books instead of TV. Show up at the gym instead of train to exhaustion.

So take this as permission to finish a couple of things and then relax. We won’t judge if you don’t look busy.

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