Mid-Year Resolutions!

MidYearResolutionsSo do you remember New Year’s Eve? It’s kind of hard to think back that far, isn’t it? So much has happened already this year, and we’re not even at the halfway point yet.

But when the New Year rang in, did you make any resolutions? Anecdotal evidence suggests that almost 75% of people make some form of New Year’s resolution, and of that 75%, almost 93% have forgotten or broken all of their resolutions by the end of February.

So here’s a notion that’s gaining some ground — mid-year resolutions. They work the same way as New Year’s resolutions do, except you make them at the beginning of July, the halfway point of the year. They may not have that “clean slate” feel that a brand-new year gives to resolutions, but there are advantages to them too.

One is that you don’t have to compete with everyone else who made resolutions. We all know what the gym looks like the last week of December versus the first week in January. With a mid-year resolution, you don’t have to deal with all of the treadmills being taken.

Another is that you don’t have the distraction of the holidays, so you’re able to better focus on your goals and things you want to change about yourself, without all the running around and chaos that’s the norm at the end of the year.

But mostly, mid-year resolutions are something you can claim as your own. You’re not jumping on the same bandwagon that everyone else is. You’re doing your own thing, at your own pace. And that can be very empowering.

It may not feel like it, but July is right around the corner. If you decide to try mid-year resolutions this year, start planning them now!

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