The Beauty of Simplicity

Simplify,SimplifyThere’s a reason that Google is such a popular choice when it comes to search engines: the Google home page. It’s a clean white space with only the company logo and the search box. No more and no less. You know where you are and what to do. It’s simplicity at its finest.

It’s often a mistake to think that something needs to be complex or convoluted to catch the eye. Angry Birds proved that the simplest concept for a game — launch your bird and pop the pigs — can be so enormously successful that it becomes iconic. Yves Klein, a pioneer in minimalism, proved that a monochromatic painting can still be a work of art. And of course, there’s the famous Henry David Thoreau quote of “Simplify, simplify,” which in itself is a study in simplicity.

So how do we employ this notion of simplicity in not only our day-to-day lives, but as business owners as well? The best plan across the board is to always take a step back from what you’re doing, examine it with a fresh eye, and ask, “Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be?” If you’re finding the answer is often yes, then try to think of ways to scale down, to strip away, to discard. If you can’t, then consider starting over with the notion of simplicity as your guiding principle.

Once you find the beauty of simplicity, you’ll likely never want to let it go.

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