Some Things Never Change, and That May Be a Good Thing for Your Business

Rees_BulbMany business owners strive to be on the cutting edge of their industry. They try to project what their customers will want or where their industry will be in 5 or 10 years, get there, and then wait for everyone else to catch up. This is a sound business practice, if a bit of a gamble. After all, what if you put time, energy, and resources into your projection only to be proven wrong?

A recent article put out by suggests as a safer alternative that business owners think about the things in their industry — or company — that will never change. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t innovate, just that you should determine things about your customers you can depend on or develop a strong mission statement that will provide the foundation for your innovation. Maybe you know that your customers will always want to feel like they’re treating themselves when they use your product. Or maybe you know that no matter what, your family business will adhere to that one principle your grandfather held so dear.

Whatever you decide your company’s thing is, write it down and stick to it. It’s not always best to chase trends or try to imitate other companies in your space. A strong foundation in something constant will allow your company to innovate within the parameters set by your mission statement. And if one of those things fails, you’ll always have your core principles to return to.

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