What is Sales and Marketing Product Packaging?

BindersGrpSales and Marketing packaging is a term we use to describe the many different products that we manufacture to be ultimately used as sales and marketing tools. These sales and marketing aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective. The brand of the company is presented through sales and marketing collateral to enhance its brand. The production of sales and marketing collateral is key in any business’ marketing communication plan.

Often the various aspects of sales and marketing packaging include:

  • Creative Services and Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Production and Assembly
  • Fulfillment and Mailing

Whether it’s trade show floor displaysinformation kitssales and marketing kits, or sales presentation binders, sales and marketing materials need to align with and incorporate all the other elements of your brand to effectively get the message across. To this end, you need to work with experts who have the knowledge and experience to help you match the right sales and marketing products with your specific needs.

At Rees Marketing Resources, we have the tools to help you get any type of marketing collateral you require for your business or your clients’ businesses. We then will have the collateral produced for you, to your specifications, on time, and exceeding the quality you expect.

As an outsourced solution for custom and off-the-shelf sales and product marketing packaging, we work with a client that may have a concept and we take it and make it a reality; we work often with advertising agencies, design firms, marketing departments, marketing communications, human resources departments, medical devices companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other customers in a wide range of industries. Here are the few services that we offer:

  • Sales and Marketing Presentation Kits – Showcase your products and information to tell your story
  • Multi-dimensional Direct Mail Packages – Present more than just stuff in an envelope
  • Corrugated Displays – Exhibit innovative floor, countertop, header displays
  • Signage and Banners – Show off creative in-store and outdoor marketing displays

Sales and marketing product packaging is only one small piece of your overall sales and marketing plan, and it is our goal to make it as easy as possible as to allow you to concentrate on getting your product and your message out to the market.

Whether it’s custom or off-the-shelf packaging you’re looking for, Rees Marketing Resources will help make it a reality and make it stand out. Contact us if you’re in the process of launching a new product or if your sales or marketing collateral could use an update.

Rees Marketing Resources is your one-stop provider of creative, innovative custom sales and marketing product packaging. From concept to production, Rees will work with you to create high-impact sales and marketing solutions. Rees Marketing Resources is located outside of Boston, but we work with companies all over the country. Contact us if you want your sales and marketing packaging to stand out!