Great Tips for Winning Repeat Customers with Your Product Packaging

stomBoxBudgetEach time you ship a product to a customer, you have an opportunity to engage your customers and win repeat business just by adding that little extra oomph to your packaging, suggests Andrew Griffiths in the article, “If you ship products you have a great opportunity,” on ZDNet.

Griffiths points out that when you receive products in the mail, generally they are in non-descript boxes or cardboard wrapping, and oftentimes the product is just thrown in and packed poorly with a copy of an invoice or a credit card slip, but that is about it. Instead, he argues: Why not make the packaging carry a message to build up the excitement? And, he provides some tips to spruce up your shipped product packaging:

  • Ensure the goods are “revealed” in a way that makes opening the package an experience, not just a box with stuff in it.
  • Include a short note from you, the owner of the business.
  • Include some promotional material for your other products and services.
  • Include a small gift of some sort to say thanks for the purchase.

As a business that ships products, you have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd by taking the time to think about the packaging experience for your customers and the material you include inside the box. “It is well worth spending time, energy, and a few dollars to make the ‘opening’ experience as good as it can be and memorable enough to get our customers talking about it,” says Griffiths.

We talked about the importance of making a good impression in our blog post, Three Tips: The Power of the First Impression, but we shouldn’t discount the power of second or even third impressions, which is what your shipped product packaging represents, along with things like customer service and responsiveness. Taking these few extra steps to focus on your marketing packaging provides the ultimate opportunity to gain the loyalty of your customers, engage them, and ensure repeat business. If you want to create an “opening” experience for your customers and stand out, contact Rees Marketing Resources.

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