Creating a Positive Corporate Culture

Creating a Positive Corporate CultureAn employee might say, “It’s a positive environment. I’m respected, challenged, and feel like I make a difference.” A potential client might say, “I trust that company. They treat me like an individual and work hard for me.” These statements refer to corporate culture. Corporate culture is so much more than a foosball table in the breakroom and bring your dog to work day. A corporate culture attracts employees and clients and can make or break your company. A recent Inc article titled “4 Characteristics Great Business Leaders Embrace” discusses behaviors managers can practice that will create a positive company culture or improve a negative one.

The first is integrity. We all know it’s important to treat people fairly and tell the truth. What we don’t always examine is what lying does. Lies allow business managers to ignore what’s really going on at their company. If they inflate their profit numbers a little or choose not to tell a client about a mistake, they look away from their company’s reality. By choosing to face problems head-on instead, the company will become stronger.

Empathy is another. Managers should think about how their decisions impact their employees. If employees feel their managers have their best interests at heart, they’ll likely treat customers the same way. Empathy is good for everyone.

Create a culture of accountability by giving employees a safe space to own their mistakes. Ask them to admit them, and then offer support by telling them of your own mistakes and helping them solve the problem. The only way to learn from mistakes is to examine them rather than ignore them.

Nobody likes a know-it-all, and a know-it-all manager can drive a company right off a cliff. People at the top tiers of a company must embrace humility and understand they don’t know everything. Admitting that you have things to learn is the first step toward learning those things. Be open to challenges from employees. You don’t have to take all of their suggestions, but you do have to be willing to listen and accept that you’re not the only one with great ideas. You hired these people for a reason. Let them contribute.

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