How Important Is It To Love What You Do?

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO-Do you love what you do?

If so, congratulations! According to prevailing wisdom, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Is loving the work you do really necessary? Is it a prerequisite for building a successful career?

Of course it isn’t. You hear so many stories of entrepreneurs who stumbled into a career they never dreamed of and then couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. (I know about this firsthand).

On the other side of that coin, there are those who followed what they loved into a career, only to find that doing it for a living killed the love for it.

And let’s throw a dash of reality in here, while we’re at it. Even those who adore what they do for a living aren’t going to love everything about it. Who loves endless meetings? Who loves piles of paperwork? Who loves invariable rejection? There will always be aspects of what you do that don’t make you want to leap out of bed in the morning and tackle the day.

The best approach to combining love and career is to think about it in terms of relationships. Some just don’t click. Some start off strong and then lose steam. Some are a perfect fit at one point in your life but not at another. And some are so extraordinary, it’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced and it makes even the bad things not so bad.

So if you want to be successful in your field, you don’t necessarily have to love what you do. It’s wonderful if you do, but if you’re motivated by the work you do and you feel good about spending your days on it that just might be good enough for most of us.

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