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Robin Tyrie_ 6014Robin Rees Tyrie is the founder of Rees Marketing Resources. She began her career at a promotion agency where she developed product and promotional ideas for major corporations, such as Kellogg’s, Avon, and General Foods. After leaving that agency, she worked for a large commercial printer, and then moved on to a company that specialized in printing and direct mail. Over the past 25 years, she has been fortunate to work in both agency and manufacturing companies, which provides her with a 360-degree viewpoint of bringing an idea into creative development through finishing with successful production. Throughout her career, she has helped clients develop and produce materials and products to promote their sales and marketing efforts.

In her early career experiences, Robin learned to visualize ideas and bring them to fruition in products that can be manufactured in a cost-effective way. She used these skills, along with her love of collaboration in a creative environment, to start Rees Marketing Resources. Now, as owner of Rees Marketing Resources, Robin enjoys working with marketing and creative design clients to identify the packaging solutions that best suit their programs.

She works closely with marketing communications departments, advertising agencies, and human resources departments throughout a range of businesses, including financial services, medical devices, publishing, software, insurance – all companies that need to share important information with existing and prospective clients, their sales teams or new employees, and other audiences. If you need a new product launch kit, sales presentation binder, a new employee welcome package, or a solution for a different program, she can help.

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About Our Team

Rees Marketing Resources has developed relationships with numerous companies and chosen to partner with those that adhere to the same standards of excellence as Rees Marketing Resources. We’ve done the leg work for you by working with the best in the business, from content providers to marketing specialists, graphic and structural design professionals to manufacturing plants. Our seamless extension network of partners allows us to ensure the timely delivery of cost-effective, superior products.

We have the proven ability to visualize, collaborate, and deliver results. From start to finish, we bring clients’ marketing solutions to fruition in a cost-effective way. Rees Marketing Resources is your guide from development through production of all custom sales and marketing needs.


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